Stay awhile, if you want to look good.


Using technology of the future to create simple, elegant designs for everyone's style.


Designers at Fischfluous meticulously model beautiful pieces with programs like Blender, Netfabb, and Meshlab. Using mathematical generation only when needed, they create designs that look and feel like they were hand-made.


Not only is there a wide variety of designs to choose from, each of which can be made in more materials than you can think, but because of the nature of 3D printing, we are able to offer numerous customizable pieces. And all it takes is an email to get something designed just for you.


Thanks to the infrastructure at Shapeways.com, the product you want can be purchased, made, and delivered right to your doorstep in a matter of days.


A taste of some of our best pieces. See the rest here.

Tre Pendant

Shown in Polished Silver

Locked Love Ring

Shown in Polished Brass

Lines Ring

Shown in Polished Grey Steel

Harmony Ring

Shown in Raw Bronze

Spiral Ring

Shown in Rhodium Plated Brass

Chemical Luv Pendant

Shown in Polished Brass

Hugs and Kisses Pendant

Shown in Polished Nickel Steel

Roots Pendant

Shown in Raw Bronze

Arrow Ring

Shown in Gold and Nickel Steel

Snake Bangle

Shown in Polished Nickle Steel

Hidden Heart Loops

Shown in Purple Strong & Flexible

Live Love Laugh Ring

Shown in Polished Brass

Bow Tie Ring

Shown in Polished Gold Steel

And Yet it Moves Pendant

Shown in Stainless Steel

Facets Ring - Part 1

Shown in Matte Black Steel

Facets Ring - Part 2

Shown in Matte Black Steel

Encircling Love Pendant

Shown in Polished Silver

2-Way Word Sculpture

Shown in White Strong & Flexible

Twisted Ring Pendant - Part 1

Shown in Polished Silver

Twisted Ring Pendant - Part 2

Shown in Polished Silver

Tribal Pendant

Shown in Stainless Steel

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With the magic of 3D printing, any idea can become reality.

  • Step 1:

    An Idea

    A 3D modeler envisions a brilliant design and gets to work creating a 3D model of his idea on a computer.

  • Step 2:

    Local to Public

    Said design is then uploaded to Shapeways.com, where people like you, as well as other designers, can see them and purchase a physical object of that model.

  • Step 3:

    Digital to Physical

    Once an order is placed, the 3D model is sent to Shapeways factories where is it physically produced with industrial-sized, selective-lazer-sintering 3D printers. Depending on the material ordered, the object is tumbled, polished, or dyed.

  • Step 4:


    After processing, the physical model is delivered straight to your door, hand packaged and ready to go.

About Us

Meet me and the brand.


Chris Fischer


I am a nineteen year-old self-taught 3D modeler who makes timeless designs with technology of the future. I started this shop in 2012 when looking for a necklace for my mom with three hearts. Although I was unsuccessful in my search for the piece, I found something I didn't know I had, wanted, or enjoyed: 3D modeling and the best part, printing. Thanks to Shapeways, I am able to create jewelry designs without knowledge of metal working or casting. And with all of that striped away, what is left is just the artist and his idea. Just pure creativity.



Fluous (flü-əs): n. the required or sufficient amount; without excess. (from fluere: to flow, in Indo-European roots).

Fischer (fish-er): n. my last name, AKA me.

This store represents my style and the fact that I am inspired by nearly everything. I usually have a wide range of things that I love and even when I find something that I truely enjoy, like 3D modeling, my designs wont't stay on a single topic. There is too much in the world to explore to do that. Yet with the magic of 3D printing, you can customize your own pieces, show your own style, and just be you.

Contact Us

Or email us at fischfluous@gmail.com